Why I stopped searching Happiness?

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. –Buddha



I have nearly forgotten how it feels to walk on my legs.  I have spent a year in bed and much more trying to walk, with limited success.

Not long before, I used to feel that I got stuck in time. It felt all the world was zooming ahead leaving me behind. All my friends were living the life of their dreams while I was confined to my home. I had lost money, career and a precious relationship due to my illness.

There were days when I even felt living this way was worthless. I was very unhappy.

All life my deeds were guided by the goal of finding happiness. And I had grand plans for my life. We all do the same. We make plans. Plans of future happiness.

And our quest of future happiness is a collection of lots of if ‘s like:
1. If I have more money,  I’ll be happy.
2. If I have a better job, I’ll be happy.
3. If I become healthy and fit, I’ll be happy.
And many more such ifs.

However, can happiness really be attained by material possessions? Are all extremely wealthy and socially well placed people actually happy? If I look back at my life , I wasn’t really happy when I had ample money, a great job, awesome girlfriend and was travelling to the best places in the world. Continue reading