The only trick you need to be AWESOME always

At the end of life, our questions are very simple: Did I live fully? Did I love well?” – Jack Kornfield

We have different lives. But in a way we all are a lot similar than we imagine.


Change your life story

We all have moments of fun, despair, happiness, sadness, awesomeness, success, failure and so on. It’s like life plays itself and we just sail over it with not much absolute control.

But some people are able to live it better than others. How do they do it?

Over the years I have figured out a trick for living an awesome life. It keeps me grounded in moments of glory. Keeps me afloat in worst times. Helps me tide over failures. Provides me direction when I’m stuck in life. It answers the question “what to do now (or next)?” Most of all it keeps me from making life boring.

So how the trick works?
Ok. Here it is.

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