The only trick you need to be AWESOME always

At the end of life, our questions are very simple: Did I live fully? Did I love well?” – Jack Kornfield

We have different lives. But in a way we all are a lot similar than we imagine.


Change your life story

We all have moments of fun, despair, happiness, sadness, awesomeness, success, failure and so on. It’s like life plays itself and we just sail over it with not much absolute control.

But some people are able to live it better than others. How do they do it?

Over the years I have figured out a trick for living an awesome life. It keeps me grounded in moments of glory. Keeps me afloat in worst times. Helps me tide over failures. Provides me direction when I’m stuck in life. It answers the question “what to do now (or next)?” Most of all it keeps me from making life boring.

So how the trick works?
Ok. Here it is.

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Hijacking a plane with ‘Smile’

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.  – Phyllis Diller


The flight was about to take off from Paris. I had a knife in my cabin bag (hand luggage). I was just one step away from hijacking it.

How I managed to carry a knife in the cabin? Well, I smiled and they just let me.

I mean it, really. In spring 2009 I was returning from Paris and was in a good mood. I carried just a hand baggage and put  it on security check. Passed through the metal detector and waited for my bag.

Suddenly things turned weird. The guy monitoring the x-ray machine said something and handed my bag to another security guy. A young lad in his 20’s. I moved towards him to check what was the matter.

He kind of shouted: “Stay back sir. Do not try to touch your bag. Let me check.”

I asked “Check what dude?”

He said “Well you have a knife in there”

Now I was thinking what knife? I stood there waiting. The security guy searched for a few minutes. Emptied my bag, but found nothing. He paused and gave me a mean look.
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Why I stopped searching Happiness?

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. –Buddha



I have nearly forgotten how it feels to walk on my legs.  I have spent a year in bed and much more trying to walk, with limited success.

Not long before, I used to feel that I got stuck in time. It felt all the world was zooming ahead leaving me behind. All my friends were living the life of their dreams while I was confined to my home. I had lost money, career and a precious relationship due to my illness.

There were days when I even felt living this way was worthless. I was very unhappy.

All life my deeds were guided by the goal of finding happiness. And I had grand plans for my life. We all do the same. We make plans. Plans of future happiness.

And our quest of future happiness is a collection of lots of if ‘s like:
1. If I have more money,  I’ll be happy.
2. If I have a better job, I’ll be happy.
3. If I become healthy and fit, I’ll be happy.
And many more such ifs.

However, can happiness really be attained by material possessions? Are all extremely wealthy and socially well placed people actually happy? If I look back at my life , I wasn’t really happy when I had ample money, a great job, awesome girlfriend and was travelling to the best places in the world. Continue reading