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Getting Started with Creating Happy Living Blog

If you are still wondering what would it take to be really happy in your life then this blog is for you. It provides practical, thoughtful insights which anyone can use. I write that I implement in life to be a happier and better person.

This website is here to help if you want to:
  1. Be happy in any situation.
  2. Cultivate more positive outlook of your life.
  3. Stop fussing over small/irrelevant things.
  4. Get over tough situations in life.
  5. Be a better human being.
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About Me


Lazying in sun, London city in background

Lazing in the sun, London city in the background

I am Ashok Singh, a 30-year-old guy living in New Delhi, India. By profession I am a Consultant (IT) in Capital Markets and Trading.

Around 4 years ago in 2009 I quit my job, put all my savings on a check and set out to pursue MBA in England. I returned in Jan 2011 with a MBA degree and bacteria of TB meningitis infecting my intestines, abdomen, spine, brain, well pretty much all the significant parts.

I somehow survived after being in a coma for many hours. Over time TB meningitis got cured but it turned into syringomilea. It’s kind of rare and incurable disease that took away my limbs and kept me bedridden for about a year.

I’m struggling to be all right and back on my feet. As of now I have put a lot of willpower and effort in physiotherapy to improve significantly. In 3 years of recovery time, I have read and experienced a lot.  Also I have developed a lot of insights about life and being happy even in pretty awful situations.

I’m still fighting to be fit and return to normal.

This is not a typical feel good, preachy blog giving you ’10 steps to success’ or ‘5 steps to be super-rich’ etc. This is a blog written by a struggler who is fighting with life for small-small things just like you and learning a lot of valuable lessons in between.

So what have I achieved so far? Some examples:

  1. Killed the depression / disappointment in me. (Not completely, but still!!)
  2. Cultivated a more positive outlook on life.
  3. Learned to live in the present. Not the past and definitely not the future.
  4. Now I SMILE a lot more. (Try it, its awesome and contagious !!!)
  5. Got my health improved a lot. Hey, I’m not ‘normal’ still but also not in bed. :)

This website, its content and I am a work in progress. And I’m sharing with you what I have discovered so far. I write those things which I implement in my life. I hope you can have some use of it too.

I know that every person is different. But in a way we all are similar, dealing with similar anxieties, worries and dreams. I would be highly grateful if anything on this blog makes a positive impact in your life.

Cheers Reading !!!